Finchy's Bar + Grill @ CanGOLF

Finchy’s Bar + Grill @ CanGOLF Menu

Created by our Executive Chef, Dallas Suttie, this healthy/comfort menu will have you coming back for more! Eat in or take away—either way, there’s something for everyone Finchy’s Bar + Grill.

Food Menu

V – Vegan
VO – Vegan Option available
GF  – Gluten-Free
GFO – Gluten-Free Option available


Drink Menu


Taps | 12oz. $6.75 / 16oz. $8.75 / 60oz. $29

Bear Brew Lager
Canmore Brewing Ten Peaks Pale Ale Jasper Ave. Crip Pils
Grizzly Paw Evolution IPA
Sheepdog Brewing Juicy Rumour New England style IPA
Seasonal Tap – Ask your server for our current offering

Canned Beers – 355mL $7 / 473mL $9.50

Grizzly Paw Rutting Elk Red, 355mL
Baniff Ave. White Wit, 355mL
Banff Ave. Black Pilsner, 355mL
Trolley Five Yacht Rock Raddler, 355mL
Michelob Ultra, 355mL
Budweiser, 355mL
Bug Light, 355mL
Alexander Keith’s IPA, 355mL
Grizzly Paw Big Horn Nut Brown, 473mL
Grizzly Paw Seasonal Can – Ask your server
Canmore Brewing Misty Mountain Hops, 473mL
Canmore Brewing Highline Lager, 437mL
Canmore Brewing Mineside Stout, 437mL
Sheep Dog Kelsey’s West Coast IPA, 437mL
sheep Dog Coconut Porter, 437mL
Banded Peak Mount Crushmore Pilsner, 437mL
Banded Peak-Microburst, 437mL

Park Distillery “Shaft on Draft” Mountain Joe

Canadian Coffee Cocktail – vodka, cold brew coffee, oat milk and honey

125 mL on ice – $5 250 mL can – $9.75

Cider – 355mL $8.75

Okanagan Apple
Okanagan Pear

Coolers $7.50

Tempo Gin Smash
Strawberry Lemon, Grapefruit, Lemon Mint
White Claw
Black Cherry, Mango, Watermelon
Grizzly Paw Mountain Mule

Cocktails – 2oz

John Daly $13
House made sweet tea, lemonade, Park vodka

Augusta’s Azalea $13
Lemonade, Park vodka, white rum, grenadine

Cypress Point Caesar $13
Parkway Caesar, house spice blend rim, pickled asparagus, dill pickle, house bacon

Pebble Beach Margarita $14
Lime juice, triple sec, reposado tequila, salt rim

Mango Margarita $14
Mango nectar, lime juice, simple syrup, reposado tequila, triple sec, salt rim

Espresso Martini $14
Eclipse espresso double shot, Bailey’s, Wild Life vodka, simple syrup

Wildlife Gin Mule $14
Wildlife Gin, mule syrup, soda

Maple Old Fashioned $14
Park Maple Rye, Buffalo Trace, angostura bitters, orange peel


Ask your server for more info on the spirits listed below.

Well Highballs (1oz.) – $7

Double Well Highballs (2oz.) – $10.75

Premium Highballs (1oz.) – $9.50

Premium Double Highballs (2oz.) – $14.50

Ask your server for more info on the spirits listed below:

Beefeater, Wild Life, Park, Wild Life Rundle Bar, Glendalough Rose

Jose Cuervo Gold, El Tequileno

Wild Turkey, Bulliet, Buffalo Trace, Maker’s Mark

Stolichnaya, Park, Wildlife

Rye Whiskey
Alberta Premium, Jack Daniels, Bearface, Park Maple Rye, Crown Royal

Irish Whiskey
Jameson’s, Glendalough

Captain Morgan’s White, Lamb’s Amber, Captain Morgan’s Spiced, Rum Rats 5 Year Flor de Cana 7 Year

Dewar’s 12-year $11
Laphroig 10-year $11
Oban 14-year $15
Lagavulin 16-year $18

Hot Alcoholic Beverages (1 oz.) $8.50

Bailey’s Hot Chocolate

Spanish Coffee

Blueberry Tea

Irish Coffee

$4.75 / kids: $3.25


Sweet Tea

Arnold Palmer

Orange Juice

Apple Juice

Shirley Temple

Bubly – Lime, Peach, Blackberry $4.25

Milk $4.75 / kids $3.25

Chocolate Milk $4 / kids $3.50

Hot Beverages

Coffee beans by Eclipse, local roaster

Coffee $3.50

Americano $3.95

Latte $5
add maple, vanilla or hazelnut syrup $0.75

Mocha $5.50

Cappuccino $4.50

Espresso $3.95

Tea $4
Orange Pekoe, Earl Grey, Green, Peppermint, Fruit, Lemon Ginger

Hot Chocolate $5